INDEX Health Care Management (IHCM) is a healthcare consultancy firm committed to provide professional and reliable expertise to hospitals and healthcare institutions in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, the Gulf Countries and the Middle East and North Africa Region.

IHCM is committed to develop turn key projects in the healthcare industry from concept design to operation and management. Moreover, the company is professionally affiliated with a number of local and international organisations that provide professional health management support which allows it to offer a specialised set of services directed towards professionals employed in the healthcare industry.

IHCM contributes positively to the needs and requirements of organisations.
The company believes that healthcare professionals are well versed in their knowledge and expertise and they know that their consultancy role is supportive to their fellow professionals.

IHCM is committed to developing and delivering academic educational and training programs for healthcare professionals using different educational methodologies and techniques including practical training based on day to day challenges, in addition to custom designed training programs on specific matters related to the participants nature of work, in order to ensure the provision of highly educated healthcare professionals that are equipped with solid practical experience to meet the challenges of the healthcare sector.

IHCM’s team possesses deep scientific knowledge and experience in the healthcare field worldwide. IHCM’s team had worked diligently with public and private sectors and thus have had the opportunity to learn from both sectors.