Health Services & Patient Affairs

  • Recruitment of Physicians: Acting as a support service for INDEX Medical center, the Health Services segment ensures the recruitment of competent specialty physicians to provide the best medical care for the community.


  • Medical Licensing: Coordinating with the Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC) as a health regulatory entity responsible for licensing physicians, the Health Services segment arranges for providing physicians of INDEX Medical Center with medical licensure to practice within DHCC.


  • Arrangement of Visiting Specialists Program: The Health Services segment arranges for international physicians and specialists to visit INDEX Medical Center on periodic basis, thus offering patients a wider range of expertise and medical opinions, and advanced treatment modalities.


  • Referral Services for Overseas Treatment: The Patient Affairs segment deals with the provision of preventive and curative care to patients who seek to avail treatment overseas with hospitals who are affiliated with INDEX Medical Center. Overseas Treatment entails a broad spectrum of services from Consultations to logistics and accommodation to actual treatments and follow up’s. Accordingly, we aim to cater to them as a One Stop Information and Referral Center.



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