International Hospital Federation IHF

The International Hospital Federation (IHF), founded in 1947, is an International Non- Governmental Organization, supported by members from over 100 countries. As the worldwide body for hospitals and healthcare organizations it develops and maintains a spirit of cooperation and communication among them, with the primary goal of improving patient safety and of promoting health in underserved communities.

The IHF vision is to become a world leader in facilitating the exchange of knowledge and experience in health sector management. Through the dissemination of evidence-based information, IHF will help improve patient care quality around the globe IHF collects, collates, publishes and facilitates the exchange of information and ideas on best practice in hospital and healthcare management. It assists in the creation of environments that support organizations in the promotion and delivery of healthcare. It fosters international partnerships that promote interaction among public and private hospitals and healthcare organizations, the community and commercial entities.

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